ALIGATOR Mathematica Package

Aligator is a Mathematica software package for generating loop invariants.


To install Aligator download Aligator.m from the repository and put it somewhere Mathematica can find it.


Aligator requires the Mathematica packages Hyper, FastZeil and Dependencies, where the latter two are part of the compilation package ErgoSum. Thus, before you can use Aligator you have to install those packages first.


We provide an introductory example for computing all polynomial invariants among the program variables a, b, c and d.

(* Load RISC packages separately; necessary due to a dependency loading issue *)
(* Load Aligator *)
<< Aligator`

  WHILE[y > 0,
    t1 := t2;
    t2 := a;
    a := 5 (n + 2) t2 + 6 (n^2 + 3n + 2) t1;
    b := 2 b;
    c := 3 (n + 2) c;
    d := (n + 2) d
  LoopCounter -> n,
  IniVal -> {

The output of Aligator is a conjuction of the elements of the Gröbner basis of the ideal of algebraic relations among a, b, c and d providing a finite representation of all polynomial invariants among those.

25 d^2 == (7 a - 12 b c)^2

If no starting values (IniVal) are given, then the invariants contain the starting values in the form of a[0] corresponding to the initial value of a.

d^2 b[0]^2 c[0]^2 (a[0] - 6 t2[0])^2 == d[0]^2 (7 a b[0] c[0] - 6 b c (a[0] + t2[0]))^2

More examples are provided in the repository.


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